• Congratulations to our October Staff of the Month!

    Mr. Joseph Boone

    Mr. Boone

    "Mr.Boone is so funny and helps you when you need things he also is super nice. That's why I chose Mr.Boone."

    Ms. Melissa Briner

    Ms. Briner

    "She is a very kind and patient teacher. She will give you time to collect yourself during class, and she always makes sure everyone has the things they need. She jokes with her students and is always kind, and can brighten your day. She is extremely supportive and always ready to talk about things if you need it."

    Ms. Lyndsey Langley

    Ms. Langley

    "She consistently goes above and beyond to provide support for students at Porter. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help all students- not just those to which she is directly working with. Lyndsey's can-do spirit is contagious, and she brings out the best in everyone, students and staff alike. We love having Lyndsey in class! She is the embodiment of professionalism and brings joy wherever she goes. Thanks, Lyndsey, for making Porter a better place to work and to learn."

    Mr. Nick Shepherd

    Mr. Shepherd

    "Reason one is because he said he didn’t want to be nominated so I did it anyways and number 2 is he is an all around good teacher who make some not so fun things fun with a good sense of humor."

    Ms. Leslie Snoke

    Ms. Snoke

    "She is a really nice and creative teacher."