• Congratulations to our December Staff of the Month!

    Ms. Erin McLeod

    Erin McLeod

    "[Ms. McLeod] is very nice and very supportive to everyone, and you can trust her anytime."

    Ms. Liz Lombardi

    Liz Lombardi

    "Liz works tirelessly to help in all areas of education in all of our 7th-grade classes. She is willing to give input with students of whom she doesn't even have on her caseload. She is a true asset to our team and continually comes up with strategic and innovative ideas on how we can best serve all of our students."

    Mr. Alex Payne

    Alex Payne

    "[Mr. Payne] is such an amazing teacher and so kind and understanding and in general just a funny person . Anyone would be lucky to have him as a teacher."

    Mr. Brit Englund

    Brit Englund

    "Mr. Englund is a very kind teacher who is always willing to help students in need. He is very fun in class and is an amazing teacher."

    Ms. Erica

    Erica House

    "[Ms. Erica] is very nice and actually listens to what you need to say and her room is so chill and I love her room and how she listens."