• The Arts Education Office would like the congratulate the students selected for the 2021 Allstate Band, Choir and Orchestra!  Thank you to the students and directors who took the time to prepare and submit Allstate auditions last spring during a difficult school year.  You are all tops in our books!  

    Adair Arnold Choir Hellgate Alto 1
    Morgan Best Choir Hellgate Soprano 1
    Delfino Forrest Choir Hellgate Bass 2
    Jenna James Choir Hellgate Soprano 2
    Marrin Kolczak-Hardy Choir Hellgate Soprano 2
    Nick Monsos Choir Hellgate Tenor 1
    John Nelson Choir Hellgate Bass 2
    Mason Parkey Choir Hellgate Bass 2
    McKenna Schmaus Choir Hellgate Soprano 2
    Maeci Thomas Choir Hellgate Soprano 1
    Zane Tuberty Choir Hellgate Bass 2
    Oliver Meyer Choir Hellgate Soprano 2
    Kale Beaver Choir Big Sky Bass 1
    Maria Brinda Choir Big Sky Alto 1
    Natalie Ellis Choir Big Sky Soprano 1
    MaKenna Fulford Choir Big Sky Soprano 1
    Chloe Hankins Choir Big Sky Alto 2
    Ethan Ingraham Choir Big Sky Bass 2
    Kabryn Lamb Choir Big Sky Alto 1
    Selisity Laursen Choir Big Sky Soprano 2
    Cameron McFarland Choir Big Sky Soprano 1
    Jerry Powell Choir Big Sky Bass 2
    Tearin Rath Choir Big Sky Bass 1
    Luke Smalley Choir Big Sky Bass 1
    Carynda Smith Choir Big Sky Alto 1
    Rebecca Sylte-Riggers Choir Big Sky Soprano 2
    Beniah Vanderwall Choir Big Sky Tenor 2
    Ashlynn Everett Orchestra Big Sky Violin
    Graham Boris Band Big Sky Horn
    Isaac Dosier Band Big Sky Bassoon
    Chris Dowd Band Big Sky Bass Clarinet
    Maisey Manhan Orchestra Big Sky Percussion
    Reagan Remmers Band Big Sky Trumpet
    Connor Stineford Band Big Sky Trombone
    Sorine Beck Band Sentinel Oboe
    Jacob Bishop Band Sentinel Euphonium
    Elijah Dahlberg Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Brogan Downey Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Aviv Guscio Band Sentinel Alto Sax
    Adam Hahn Orchestra Sentinel Oboe
    Mars Johnson Band Sentinel Trombone
    Katarina Machek Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Tessa Macklin Orchestra Sentinel Flute
    Katelyn McKeehan Band Sentinel Horn
    Josephina Moretti Band Sentinel Bassoon
    Sarah Mueller Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Jackson Stiehl Band Sentinel Trumpet
    Noah Tegeder Band Sentinel Alto Sax
    Calla Thompson Band Sentinel Flute
    Quinn Tranel Band Sentinel Tuba
    Kaleb Trippe Band Sentinel Tuba
    Harrison Walker Band Sentinel Trombone
    Abigail Warner Band Sentinel Flute
    Connor Wheeler Band Sentinel Tenor Sax
    Peyton Woodrum Band Sentinel Alto Sax
    Samuel Hiltz Band Sentinel Tuba Alternate 1
    Leanne Nordby Band Sentinel Bass Cl. Alternate 1
    Brooke Best Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Chloe Caldwell Orchestra Hellgate Violin I
    Storey Caldwell Orchestra Hellgate Violin II
    Ashley Kim Orchestra Hellgate Violin II
    Cedar McCann Orchestra Hellgate Violin II
    Alix Mund Orchestra Hellgate Violin II
    Avena Chao Orchestra Hellgate Violin II
    Max Rosen Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Beatrice Shimanek Orchestra Hellgate Violin I
    Faith You Orchestra Hellgate Violin I
    Henri Naughton Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Tim Scott Orchestra Hellgate Violin Alternate
    Lydia Garrick Orchestra Sentinel Cello
    Colton Lauridson Orchestra Sentinel String Bass
    Jatayo Jones Orchestra Sentinel Cello
    Mayana Kantor Orchestra Sentinel Cello Alternate
    Weseley Dennison Band Hellgate Clarinet
    Kat Donovan Band Hellgate Flute
    Simon Hickey Orchestra Hellgate Percussion
    Roman Hulsey Band Hellgate Trumpet
    Stella Michini Orchestra Hellgate Horn
    Wyatt Moore Band Hellgate Trumpet
    Drew Saltzman Band Hellgate Percussion
    Elliot Smith Orchestra Hellgate Bassoon
    Rachel Suter Band Hellgate Flute
    Kiyomi White Band Hellgate Clarinet
    Nicholas Woods Orchestra Hellgate Trumpet
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