• Congratulations to our November Staff of the Month!

    Ms. Erica Carroll

    Erica Carroll

    "Mrs Carroll is a very nice teacher and very calm and doesn't mind when we play music in our headphones when working solo."

    Mr. Steve Strothman

    Steve Strothman

    "[Mr. Strothman] Is an amazing leader for our team and our PLCs [Professional Learning Communities]! Works hard and gives his all."

    Ms. Allie McFarland

    Allie McFarland

    "Mrs. McFarland works so hard for her team and for students to get the most out of every single day. She does an excellent job of organizing and hosting our Porter Pals for Pumpkin Carving!!"

    Ms. Amy Smart

    Amy Smart

    "Miss Smart helps me understand what I need to do to keep my grades up. She enjoys her job and I enjoy spending time with her for Porterliers and choir class. Every morning I am excited to come to her class and she is a very very good teacher."

    Mr. John


    "Mr. John is a great person. He always has a smile on his face and he always has a great attitude. He is an amazing person. HE NEEDS TO BE THE STAFF MEMBER OF THE MONTH!"