Lunchroom and Playground Expectations

  • Lunchroom Expectations

    • When students arrive in the cafeteria for lunch, they are to find a place to sit at a table.  Responsible
    • The lunch supervisor will excuse students to the lunch line.  Students will stand quietly and wait to get their food.  Respectful
    • After getting their food, students return to the table, eat lunch, remain seated, and use an inside voice.  Responsible/Respectful
    • When done eating, students check their area for garbage and raise their hands to be excused. It is important to leave the area clean for the next grade level. Students will then return to the table and wait to be excused for recess.  Responsible/Respectful

    Playground Expectations

    • The Porter playground is divided into activity areas which are marked with white lines. Only the activity designated for that area is acceptable.  Respect
    • We have a “Hands Off” policy on the playground.  Safe
    • Avoid any action or behavior that may result in harm to others.  Safe
    • Check out and return playground equipment.  Responsible
    • Comply with requests from supervisors.  Respectful
    • Line up at the designated door when given the signal.  Respectful/Respectful