• Welcome to Mr. Tollefson's 6th grade classroom. For the 2020/2021 school year I am teaching with the Missoula Online Acadmey. Have a great school year. 



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Per. 1 - Health/P.E.

Per. 2 - Health/P.E.

Per. 3 - Health/P.E.

Per. 4 - WIN

Per. 5 - Lunch

Per. 6 - Math

Per. 7 - Math

Per. 8 - Prep

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  • 4/6/20

    Hello 6th grade families! We miss all of you students dearly! Welcome to the week of April 6th.  Our hope is to get our week-at-a-glance newsletter out to you and learning activities posted to Google Classroom by 8am on Mondays.  Work is due by Friday at noon. We fully understand that this might not be possible for families at this time, and that school might not even be in your top ten of priorities at this point. Please, know that we understand and empower you to make the best fit decision for your student.  We know that you are doing your best! If you or your student are feeling overwhelmed, please read out to a teacher/staff. We are here to help.  


    Please have your student check their District Gmail.  This helps staff reach out to students!


    ELA Update

    • Welcome Back article in Google Classroom
    • At least 20-30 minutes a day with a reading check-in. Google Classroom
    • If you are enrolled in Read 180 continue your program. Google Classroom

    Amanda Maughan: aamaughan@mcpsmt.org

    James Martin:  jhmartin@mcpsmt.org

    Christine Canter: ccanter@mcpsmt.org

    Marilie Vesledahl: mcvesledahl@mcpsmt.org 

    Regina Silness: resilness@mcpsmt.org

    Math Update


    • Students this week focus on getting through workspaces 37-42. 
    • Students who have already finished workspaces 37-42, please review these. 
    • Students who are ahead, please continue to get through at least three workspaces.
      • If you have any questions along the way, please email your teacher, we will help!
    • Students who are done with Mathia will do the Unit Rate Challenge Problem.

    Erin McLeod: emcleod@mcpsmt.org

    Heather Vallejo:hmvallejo@mcpsmt.org

    Sander Tollefson: stollefson@mcpsmt.org

    Regina Silness: resilness@mcpsmt.org

    Joy Brooke (Instructional


    Science Update

    • Tour the Solar System posted in Google Classroom

    Amanda Maughan: aamaughan@mcpsmt.org

    Christine Canter: ccanter@mcpsmt.org

    Joseph Boone: jfboone@mcpsmt.org

    Social Studies Update

    Mr. Miller and Mr. Martin’s Classes will be working on the Three Chinese Philosophies: Legalism, Daoism (Taoism), and Confucianism.  Students will use Chapter 21 in our online textbook and answer questions in Google Classroom.

    James Martin: jhmartin@mcpsmt.org

    Keith Miller:akmiller@mcpsmt.org

    Health Enhancement Update

    • Read and respond to article in Google Classroom by Friday 4/10
    • Look for daily workouts posted in Google Classroom

    Erin McLeod: emcleod@mcpsmt.org

    Heather Vallejo:hmvallejo@mcpsmt.org

    Joseph Boone: jfboone@mcpsmt.org

    Sander Tollefson: stollefson@mcpsmt.org

    Counselor Update

    • Please go here for your weekly update from Ms. Leslie and Ms. Amy.  You won’t want to miss the How Well Do You Know Your Counselor? Quiz!!

    Leslie Guerreri: lguerreri@mcpsmt.org

    Amy Friedman: afriedman@mcpsmt.org

    Click on the Music & Exploratory classes below to access online learning activities!  

          Mr. Englund-/ Band                                Mr. Gruber/Orchestra             Mr. Whiteman (Choir YouTube)            Mr. Chook/Creative Communications                    

           Ms. Snoke/ Art                                        Mr. Edge/PLTW                         Profe Maughan/ Spanish                 Ms. McClintock/Typing

    C.S. Porter’s Library Website has many engaging resources as well!