• ¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Profe Maughan's Spanish Class.

    Learning Spanish is a wonderful way to learn about new people and places. Language learning opens your mind to new possibilities!

    I teach an active and interactive class. I believe in learning through doing. We move, we talk, we sing, we laugh. Learning a language is easier and more fun than people realize!

    Welcome/Bienvenido back to school 2023-24!

    If you are new to Porter and/or middle school, Spanish class is one of 4 exploratory classes that you will rotate through during the school year. There are 4 quarters of school and you'll be in a new exploratory each quarter; quarters are around 9 weeks long. You might not begin the year in Spanish, but you'll be in my class at some point! :)
    If you are an 8th grader, exploratory classes are a full semester and you only rotate through 2 different classes, hopefully at least one of which you choose.

    Our time together can feel brief, but I have big goals and expectations. Learning a new language can be an amazing journey and is one that opens worlds of possibilities. Spanish might not end up being your jam, but that's OK. Hopefully, you'll discover an interest in any language and have the confidence that you can learn it!

    Spanish Supply List:

    • 3-ring (1"- ish) binder
    • loose-leaf paper
    • pencils, pens


    • Coloring supplies - markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc. I keep my classroom fully stocked with coloring supplies, but some students prefer their own.
    • Water bottle 

    ¡Nos vemos pronto!