What Supplies Do Singers Need?

    • A heavy, DURABLE plastic, 2-pocket folder to last the entire year (if you prefer a three-ring binder to use, that is fine. I just cannot store them in the classroom. You will be responsible for your binder each day)
    • 1-2 dozen pencils (not mechanical)
    • 2 hi-lighters (any color is fine)
    • a pair of dark, un-ripped blue jeans for performance
    • a box of Kleenex
    • $12 for choir concert shirt (checks made payable to MCPS Fine Arts as soon as possible or cash)

    Choir Closet:

    Please consider donating to our music program to assist those families who might be in need of some for concerts. We are looking for:

    • gently-used blue jeans that are free from rips and tears, appropriate for performance
    • You may send extra money to sponsor a student's choir concert shirt for those families who have a need

    We are also always looking for:

    • heavy, plastic 2-pocket folders
    • pencils
    • highlighters
    • Kleenex
    • cough drops