• Expectations for remote learning days:

    I am currently adding the majority of the weekly work into our Google Classroom by Monday afternoon, and expect it to be completed by Friday at 1:30PM.
    I expect you to log in each remote/online/distance/whatever day, check your Gmail, and work on assignments, submitting them when completed as asked. You will need to read specific instructions for each assignment. You may leave private comments on assignments to ask me questions, or you may email me.
    My school Google Gmail: Profe's Gmail drmaughan@mcpsmt.org

    Link to Google Classroom: You will need the code from the teacher, codes will not be posted online for security purposes. A teacher can also remotely invite you to Classroom and you have to accept. I only do that in certain circumstances.

    Google Classroom link

    MCPS asks that you take attendance for each day of remote/online/distance/whatever day. That is currently Monday, and then the two other days of the week you are not at school in person. 
    The link for the daily attendance in already located in the Resource tab in our Classroom, it is also on the top right corner of the school webpage, and here is yet another link:
    CS Porter Remote Learning Attendance Check In