Katie Kirgan, School Counselor
                             Class of 2024
                   (406) 728-2400, ext. 7054
    Katie Kirgan Appointment
                  Vanessa Gibson
       Vanessa Gibson, School Counselor
                       Class of 2026
                (406) 728-2400, ext. 7028
    Vanessa Gibson Appointment
                  Ms. Canepa's picture
       Katie Canepa, School Psychologist           
                  (406) 728-2400, ext. 7023
    Katie Canepa Appointment
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  •      Profe H
      Hauna Hochstetler, School Counselor
                    Class of 2023
                    (406) 728-2400, ext. 7040
    Hauna Hochstetler
         Photo of Aaron Shattuck holding a fish
       Aaron Shattuck, School Counselor
                            Class of 2025
                       (406) 728-2400, ext. 7025
    Aaron Shattuck Appointment
                Sarah Kragelund
        Sarah Kragelund, Social Worker
                       (406) 728-2400, ext. 7080
    Sarah Kragelund Appointment