Getting Started with Online Learning

  • Hey all-

    Wishing you the best in terms of health and wellbeing. This is a new challenge for all of us, so while you may feel isolated at home, know that we are all figuring this out together. 

    Both Algebra and IB Math Studies classes will start simple. Click on your respective links and log into google classroom. I'll be sharing the class code through email, so be on the watch for a subject titled "Algebra Class Code" and "IB Math Studies Class Code". There will be no assignments due this week, but feel free to start exploring what is possible with digital learning. To start next week (the 30th) you'll be asked to explore the nuts and bolts of submitting both an individual assignment and a group assignment. There will be opportunities to communicate your work through images, video, shared docs, podcasts, and more as we continue exploring what's possible to make this a good learning experience for each other.

    Algebra 1 Google Classroom

    IB Math Studies Google Classroom

    We will all work into this experience bit by bit and within a few weeks we'll be better at communcating and connecting through this format. If you'd like some extension or enrichment while we are working through the basics, reach out by email and I'll send you some great materials that are out there aimed to increase our appreciation or ability in math.

    This is an interesting, unique, and hopefully exciting opportunity to learn something new. When it feels overwhelming, know that I am (and your other teachers are) here to help. Whether it's logging on and accessing content, how to keep your little brother from distracting your work, or help with the mathematics, reaching out for help is encouraged. 

    Below are links to information coming from the district:


    Remote Learning

    And here is a link to the video message sent to students on Monday:

    A Mikkola Hello

    Unless you're not a human, you'll have some struggles and mistakes made as you work through this time, as will I. If you notice anything from me that isn't working for you (links, video, hairdo), just send me an email and I can start to get it sorted out. 

    Be in touch. Thanks!

Brian the Brain