• Welcome to Business Professionals of America at Sentinel High School. Sentinel is joining BPA for the first time in the 2021-22 School year where it will be broken into 3 areas: Sparta Mart/ Coffee Cart, Regional, State and National Competitions, and Community Service. All BPA students will be required to work in the school store, Sparta Mart, where students will learn the in's and out's of a store and a few of its' features such as sales and inventory. 

    BPA will also offer the students the opportunity to compete at the regional, state and national levels in a numerous amount of different categories including Marketing, Management, Accounting, Web Design, Speech and Debate, Interviewing Skills, etc. You can find more details about the competitions at bpa.org


    We are starting off BPA 2021-22 with a new members meeting September 7th in room 502 during lunch time. Anyone and everyone is invited to join us and learn more about BPA and we will offer FREE PIZZA at the meeting. Hope to see you all there!