The Sentinel Konah  
    The Konah is Sentinel High School's student newspaper, and has been in publication since 1913, starting at Missoula County High School.
    Several notables have worked on the award winning paper over the years, including Paul and Norman Maclean of A River Runs Through It fame. 
    The newspaper is a monthly publication, entirely student run. 
    Konah means "bitterroot" in Salish. The western artist E.S. Paxson suggested the name for the paper when it was first published in 1913. The opinions expressed in the Konah are those of the individual staff members and do not necessarily Reflect the views of the staff or the administration.
    Editor-in-Chief: Aston Kinsella
    Adviser: Jenn Keintz
    Staff Phone: (406) 728-2400 x7077 (messages currently do not work)