• At Sentinel HS, we offer many different music classes and opportunities.

    Choir Director:  Jessica Franks

    Classes taught by Ms. Franks:  Intermediate Mixed Choir, Advanced Mixed Choir, Advanced Chamber Choir, Basic Music Theory, AP Music Theory, Guitar.

    Opportunities:  All-National Choir, All-Northwest Choir, All-State Choir, biannual travel with Advanced Chamber Choir, Choir Cabaret Show, Biannual All-School Musical, District Music Festival, State Music Festival, Student Conductors, Student Accompanists and more!

    New for the spring of 2019:  We are VERY excited and proud to be moving into our brand-new choir room located adjacent to our theater!  It will feature a beautiful large open space with lots of natural light, in-room choral music library, new folder holders, new sound system, new charirs, and special acoustical treatments to the walls and ceiling.  This is going to be a transformative change for our program and we couldn't be more thankful to and humbled by our community for making it become a reality.

    If you would like to contact Ms. Franks, please email her at:  jfranks@mcpsmt.org

    Class Schedule
    Period 1 Intermediate Mixed Choir
    Period 2 Prep
    Period 3 Advanced Mixed Choir
    Period 4 Choir Program Management Duties/Team Planning with Drama
    Period 5 Advanced Chamber Choir
    Period 6 AP Music Theory
    Period 7 Basic Music Theory/Guitar 

    First place festival trophies