• Sentinel's Remote Learning Page

    Learning Tools

    All of Sentinel's teachers will be using Moodle and/or Google Classroom to teach and share content with students, as well as to collect assignments. 

    To enter the Google Classroom, simply click on the Google Classroom link, sign into your MCPS Google Student Account, and then all of your classes will be available for you!  It will look something like the picture below:

    Classroom Dashboard

    To enter Moodle, simply click on Web Connect towards the bottom of Sentinel's website. Under Student select Moodle. Sign into your class using the login button at the top right of Moodle and enter the same username and password you would use to log into your school computer. All of the classes you are in will be available to you. It will look something like the picture below:

    Moodle Dashboard

    Technology Troubles

    If you are a current Sentinel student and are having issues accessing technology, please fill out this Setnienl's Technology Issue form and someone will get back to you and help with a plan as soon as they can.

    Computer/Technology Issues

    For more informaton and resources, check out the district Remote Learning page.