Information and Rules

  • Begins on Wednesday, November 6th, 2019.

    • Medical Waiver: Parents must sign a medical waiver for their child to participate in Athletics at the Middle school level. Students may get a copy of the waiver from the office and it must be returned to the office before they will be allowed to practice.
    • Cost $25.00 per player, must be paid before the first game to participate.
    • Team pictures: Picture packet will be sent home the week previous, and must be returned with cash or check on picture day.
    • First week of practice will be “Skills and Drills”

    Athletes will perform drills and take part in scrimmages so coaches can evaluate the skill level of participants. An evaluation tool will be used at each middle school. By Friday of the first week teams of equal talent will be created in all schools for 7th grade. 8th grade teams will be grouped according to ability level. Teams will be announced at the last practice of that week. There will be no special circumstances for making teams except for siblings.

    • Second week of practice will be “Team Practice” 

    When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:35 to 5:00

    Where: 7th grade teams will practice and play in the Cougar Gym (front), 8th grade in the Gibson Gym (back)

    • Third, Fourth, and Fifth week will be scheduled for games.

    It is difficult to schedule games until we know the number of players and teams. Schedules will be available during the first or second week of the season.

    Academic Eligibility

    • No student athlete may have an “F” in any subject during a five-week athletic season.
    • Grade checks will occur the second, third and fourth Friday of each season to determine eligibility. Any student athlete, whose grade point average is below 2.0 and/or has an “F” in any subject, will be ineligible for the following 5 school days. Weekly grade checks will occur on Friday. If the student has raised their failing grades, the athlete will regain eligibility for the following week. 
      • Incomplete (I) may be given additional consideration for extenuating circumstances.
      • During the 5 days of ineligibility, the student/athlete may practice.
    • A student athlete who is in a prescribed special education class or 504 program and is not meeting academic eligibility will have grades reviewed to ensure all accommodations are being implemented. This review will be comprised of an administrator, parent, special education teacher and the teacher from the class the student is failing.


    ·         Attendance: For activity participation, either in practice or competition, a student must be in class every scheduled period of the school day or have given documentation for an exempt absence to the attendance clerk or an administrator for that day. An exempt absence is defined as an absence due to a legal, medical/dental, bereavement or school sponsored reason. Students missing class due to an out of school suspension, unexcused and excused absences are ineligible on the day of the absence for practice or competition.

    Students must also be at practice consistently. Chronic absences from practice will result in decreased playing time during games.

    Game Rules

    ·         Running clock except for last two minutes of the game and during free throws. The clock will start once the ball is handed to the shooter on the second shot. 

    ·         Overtime 2 minutes with stopping of the clock

    ·         Injury stops the clock or the referee

    ·         Two timeouts per half per team ( One 30 second and one 60 second)

    ·         Full court defense only in the last two minutes of the game if game is tied or your team is behind.

    ·         The first game starts no later than 4:15. The second game starts 10 minutes after the end of the first game.

    ·         Half time is five minutes.

    ·         The goal of every coach will be to have every player participate in no more than approximately 75% of a game or less than 40% of a game. Each Player should be sitting out approximately on quarter of time.

    ·         Three pointers are for 8th grade only.

    ·         Coaches are responsible for managing equipment and assigning someone to complete the score book.

    ·         Eight minute quarters.

    ·         No Zone Defense


    This letter will be sent home to the parents of all participants at the beginning of the season to explain the middle school basketball program.


    Please call Dennis Juneau, Asst. Principal, with any questions regarding the basketball schedule or the program itself at 542-4060 or email at