• 2022 Season Will Begin on September 6th

    Josh Hiday


    • Season - September 6th - October 14th
    • Signup Date - August 31st - September 2nd
    • 1st Day of Practice - September 6th
        • Mon – Wed 2:45 – 4:30 p.m. & Thur 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
    • Meet Schedule -
      • Sept. 17th- Mountain West @ UM Golf Course 12 pm
      • Sept. 29th- MCPS Middle School Cross Country Race @ Fort Missoula 4 pm
      • Oct. 13th- Runner's Edge Cross Country Race @ Linda Vista 6 pm


    • Athletic Agreement/Waiver & Code of Conduct: Parents must sign an Athletic Agreement/Waiver and the Code of Conduct for their child to participate in Athletics at the middle school level. This is one form with two signatures. Students may get a copy of the waiver from the office or it can be downloaded below. The form must be returned to the office before they will be allowed to practice.
    • Each student will pay a $25.00 activity fee, and must be paid before the first game to participate.
    • There will be an additional $10 fee for race registration per student. 
    • Academic Eligibility

      • No student athlete may have an “F” in any subject during a five-week athletic season.
      • Grade checks will occur on the second, third and fourth Friday of each season to determine eligibility. Any student athlete whose grade point average is below 2.0 and/or has an “F” in any subject, will be ineligible for the following 5 school days. Weekly grade checks will occur on Friday. If the student has raised their failing grades, the athlete will regain eligibility for the following week. 
        • Incomplete (I) may be given additional consideration for extenuating circumstances.
        • During the 5 days of ineligibility, the student/athlete may practice.
      • A student athlete who is in a prescribed special education class or 504 program and is not meeting academic eligibility will have grades reviewed to ensure all accommodations are being implemented. This review will be comprised of an administrator, parent, special education teacher and the teacher from the class the student is failing.
    • Attendance
      • For activity participation, either in practice or competition, a student must be in class every scheduled period of the school day or have given documentation for an exempt absence to the attendance clerk or an administrator for that day. An exempt absence is defined as an absence due to a legal, medical/dental, bereavement or school sponsored reason. Students missing class due to an out of school suspension, unexcused and excused absences are ineligible on the day of the absence for practice or competition.
      • Students must also be at practice consistently. Chronic absences from practice will result in decreased playing time during games.
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    If you have  questions regarding participation, fees, waivers, schedule, etc., please contact Kammy Meyers at kmeyers@mcpsmt.org or 728-2400 ext.4601