Resources for the Algebra One Critters

  • Algebra One Google Classroom

    Weekly Expectations

    • Be in class (unless you're sick!)--There will be important learning on in-class days. Could even be fun.
      • If you know you will miss a day, you are expected to talk to me beforehand and are responsible for making up that learning. I will support you in this.
    • MATHia--Expect 1-1.5 hours on remote learning days.
    • Other Assignments/Activities--You will have one or two other tasks each week that complement our in class learning. One instructional video and often an exploratory activity. These will be posted in Google Classroom.


    These will be handed out on the first day. If for some odd, never-happens-to-high-schoolers reason it doesn't make it home, here is a link. Use the student's MCPS login to access, print it off and return to class. Use this as an opportunity for a healthy math conversation!