Senior Math Topics Information

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    Weekly Expectations

    • Be in class (unless you're sick!)--There will be important learning on in-class days. Could even be fun.
      • If you know you will miss a day, you are expected to talk to me beforehand and are responsible for making up that learning. I will support you in this.
    • At-home instruction and practice.
    • Other remote activities--Each week you will have an activity to do outside of our regular practice problems. These will be online and/or in your notebook and/or something you complete in your house or around your neighborhood. Topics range from algebra to expense tracking to riding your bike/walking on a scavenger hunt. 


    These will be handed out on the first day. If for some odd, never-happens-to-high-schoolers reason it doesn't make it home, here is a link. Use the student's MCPS login to access, print it off and return to class. Use this as an opportunity for a healthy math conversation!