Soccer Information


    Coaches: Heather Vallejo and Nick Shepherd 

    Hello Parents,

    We are very excited to begin our Fall 2019-20 soccer season at C.S. Porter Middle School! Our intramural program is 6 weeks long. Soccer is open to all 7th and 8th grade boys and girls, a pay to play program ($25.00 per player) with a no cut policy. Team t-shirts are provided.

    All practices will be held from 3:30 to 5:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at C.S. Porter’s North Field. If students are unable to attend practice, please notify one of the coaches with a parent note or phone call. Students absent during the school day may not participate in athletics on the same day. Unexcused absences from practice will result in loss of game playing time. To expect to have significant playing time, our players must be at practice, working hard every day.

    Students will change in the Cougar Gym locker rooms before practice, and the coaches will escort the players to the practice area. Shin guards and waiver form are mandatory before they can practice or play.  Please pick up your players by 5:00 from practice, as the coaches have other obligations (we are also teachers).

    Our game schedule will be available the first or second week of the season. All games will be held at Fort Missoula Soccer Fields. Parents are responsible for transporting the students after games.

    During weeks #1 & 2, we will evaluate and organize our 7th and 8th grade players on two teams of equal abilities. We plan to have approximately 15 players per team, depending on this year’s turnout. We will notify players which team they are on, the blue or white team. Weeks #3-5 will be practices and games. A calendar and schedule will be sent home and posted on our website at a later time for your reference.

    Medical Waiver:  Before a student can participate in a sport, a completed athletic waiver form must be signed by parents and turned into the office.

    Athletic Fee:  There is a $25.00 athletic fee per player and it must be paid before the first game to participate.  Scholarships are available, see Assistant Principal Tyler Solberg.

    Equipment:  Players must have shin guards, soccer socks, athletic clothing, gym shoes, and rubber soccer cleats (metal cleats are not allowed). Players are also encouraged to bring soccer balls and water bottles to practice every day (write your name on your belongings).

    Team pictures:   Picture packets will be sent home the previous week.  Students interested in purchasing pictures need to return packets with cash or check on picture day.

    Uniforms:Your child is required to turn in their jersey to the coach after their last game. Please have a spare shirt with you at the last game of the season.

    First week of practice: will be at C.S. Porter and emphasize “Skills and Drills”.  Athletes will perform drills and take part in scrimmages so coaches can evaluate the skill level of participants.  An evaluation tool will be used at each middle school. 

    Second week of practice: will be “Team Practices” and are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:35 to 5:00.  All practices are at C.S.Porter in the North Field.

    Attendance:  To participate in practices or games, a student needs to be in class every scheduled period of the school day or have given documentation for an exempt absence to the attendance clerk or an administrator for that day. An exempt absence is defined as an absence due to a legal, medical/dental, bereavement or school sponsored reason.  Students must also be at practice consistently. Chronic absence at practice will result in decreased playing time in games.

    Third, Fourth, and Fifth week : will be scheduled for games. Schedules will be available during the second week of the season.

    Academic Eligibility:

          • No student athlete may have an “F” in any subject during a five-week athletic season.
          • Grade checks will occur the second, third and fourth Friday of each season to determine eligibility. Any student athlete, whose grade point average is below 2.0 and/or has an “F” in any subject, will be ineligible for the following 5 school days. Weekly grade checks will occur on Friday. If the student has raised their failing grades, the athlete will regain eligibility for the following week.  
          • Incomplete (I) may be given additional consideration for extenuating circumstances.
          • During the 5 days of ineligibility, the student/athlete may practice.
          • A student athlete who is in a prescribed special education class or 504 program and is not meeting academic eligibility will have grades reviewed to ensure all accommodations are being implemented. This review will be comprised of an administrator, parent, special education teacher and the teacher from the class the student is failing.

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Mrs. Heather Vallejo   Phone: 743-2400 ext. 4635

    Mrs. Rebecca Kellman Phone: 743-2400 ext. 4629    

    Please call if you have any questions – Thanks! Go Cougars!


    General Information

    MCPS Middle School Soccer is coeducational. Seventh and eighth grade boys and girls are divided up into teams of equal ability. The season lasts six weeks and each team plays six games. During the first two weeks of the season, practices will be held and teams will be created. Six games are scheduled for the last three weeks of the season. Game schedules are distributed at the beginning of the second week of practice. Matches are divided into two 25 minute halves with a half time of 10 minutes. Substitutions are unlimited.   Shin guards are required to participate.   Games begin at 4:15 pm or 5:15 pm and are played at Playfair Park and Rick Bean soccer fields. Practices are held on non-game days except for Thursdays at C.S. Porter or the Rick Bean Soccer fields at Fort Missoula. 


    Athletic Eligibility

    Students who participate in the MCPS Middle School Athletic program must meet academic eligibility requirements. Students must be earning a passing grade in all subjects on a week to week basis. Grade checks are completed weekly to determine eligibility. Students who are ineligible one week may be eligible the next depending on classroom performance. Students who are not eligible for games will be notified in advance of the scheduled games. Players may practice while they are academically ineligible.   Players absent from school or are serving an Out-of-School suspension on practice or game day are ineligible to participate.  Students with a documented absence is due to legal, medical/dental, bereavement, or school sponsored activity are eligible to participate. Before a student is eligible to participate in athletics he/she must also:

    • Return a signed medical waiver
    • Return a signed Athletic Agreement  
    • Pay a participation fee.   The fee is $25.00 per sport with a limit of $75.00 per student and $125.00 per family for the school year. Scholarships are available. For more information contact Mr. Solberg. 


    For further questions, please contact Mr. Solberg at or 542-6040.