• Sentinel High School has consistent expectations of its students. The following is how these expectations apply in my classroom:

    Be Respectful: not only to me and your classmates, but to yourself as well. This will take you far in life.
    • Follow directions
    • Be kind
    • Listen and be open to others
    • Use appropriate language
    Be Responsible: life will throw many things at you; the only thing you have full control of is yourself.
    • Be on time
    • Communicate with teachers and follow-up after an absence
    • Turn in work on time
    • Have necessary materials 
    Be Engaged: the opportunity to learn is a gift; take advantage of it.
    • Be at school
    • Participate and ask questions
    • Use and access online accounts
    • Use technology appropriately
    • Persevere through difficult material
    • Help others
    No food and drinks will be consumed in the lab in room 140a. There is too much risk of damage to equipment occurring. You may have a sealed water bottle that is placed on one of the tables. Please keep all other food out of the room.
    Last modified on 8/30/2022