• Remote Learning Expectations & Support:

     1) Log in to Google Classroom each remote learning day

    You’ll find announcements in the Stream and assignments/materials in Classwork. In Classwork, each week will also include a "Reminder List for At Home" which has a bulleted list of all assignments for the week. 

    Some assignments repeat each week, and some are new. Some assignments are paper-based, and some are digital, and some are even both - giving you the choice to write on paper and hand in during class, or type on the computer and submit via Google Classroom. This means when Google Classroom sends out weekly reports, it could include a missing assignment that was turned in on paper. To clear up any confusion, you can email me at mhammitt@mcpsmt.org or view assignments & current grades by going to our MCPS website and logging into the parent or student Q portal. Parents will need to set up an access login and password through our school secretaries, but students already have access using their school ID number (same as lunch number, which is printed on their schedules) as their login and their 8-digit birthdate (MMDDYYYY) as the password. If you have issues logging in, please email our librarian Marissa McClintock at mamcclintock@mcpsmt.org and she will do a password reset. Please note that I will be doing my best to keep up with all assignments, but there is always a bit of time between turning in, grading, and uploading into Q.

    Group A (Remote Learning on Mon/Thurs/Fri)

    Group B (Remote Learning on Mon/Tues/Wed)

     2) Take attendance each remote learning day

    The ATTENDANCE link is located at the top of our Google Classroom Classwork page. You can also access it here. You only need to fill this form out once for each remote learning day - it will automatically count for all of your current classes.

     3) Ask for help if needed.

    Remote learning can be challenging, especially since teachers are sometimes figuring things out as we go. We look forward to the day we can be in school, together - full time, but until then, you've got to your work at home on your remote learning days. Sometimes this will be easy, and sometimes it might be hard. If you need help, please reach out:

    • You can email me at mhammitt@mcpsmt.org or drop into my office hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 to 2:30 pm by going to Meet.Google.Com and using the code CSP Hammitt.
    • You can also call me at 728-2400 ext4619. You may need to leave a message, but I will return your call as soon as I am available to do so.
    • Mrs. Brooke is also available for all CS Porter students. You can email her at jbrooke@mcpsmt.org or go to her office hours Monday through Friday from 9:00 to Noon by going to Meet.Google.Com and using the code CSP Help.


     And thanks for all you're doing at home for remote learning. These are crazy times, and we know it's not easy. So we appreciate the work you're doing, the probles you're figuring out, and the flexibility you're practicing. Be sure to take care of your work and also take care of yourself!