School Supply List


    CS Porter ~ 7th Grade Supply List 2020-2021

    Required Materials:

    • one spiral notebook for math (labeled)
    • one 1 ½ inch binder for science (labeled)
    • one set of binder divider for science
    • three ½ inch binders for health, social studies, and English (labeled)
    • five simple pocket folders for each subject
    • PE shoes & clothes to change into (labeled)
    • pencil pouch (labeled), with the following:
      • pencils, pencils, pencils, pencils...  100+   (Seriously, 12 year olds eat them!)
      • simple, 4-function calculator (labeled)
      • set of 12 colored pencils (labeled)
      • 4-color packet of highlighters (labeled)
      • earbuds or headphones (labeled)
    • two packages of loose-leaf paper (teachers will keep and then hand out as needed)

    Not necessary, but nice:

    • container of disinfectant wipes
    • box of tissues

    * If your family needs assistance, please contact our FRC coordinator, Kat Harmon through email at or phone at (406) 728-2400 ext. 4613.

    * If your 7th grader requires a different organizational system than the one we are suggesting with this list, please talk with your CREW teacher.