Dual Credit Intro to Film

  • English 4/Understanding Film and Media 2022-23

    Dual Credit Class between Sentinel High School and the Montana State University


    Course Description:

    English 4/ Understanding Film and Media is an introduction to the study of motion pictures.  You will be introduced to the technical concepts in the study of moving images as well as a range of critical lenses through which we can understand film.  We will watch a wide selection of films from different countries and different periods in movie history.  This course is divided into three units.



    This class examines film making as an art form.  We will learn the technical language of film and look carefully and critically at how films are constructed.  We will examine how specific cinematographic techniques and editing influence the viewer and how the film’s form and narrative structure shape its meaning.  This portion of the course provides you with the necessary terminology to analyze moving images.


    Commercial Cinema and Alternatives to Commercial Cinema

    Students will explore film as art, entertainment, and business.  We will explore how film has developed physically, socially, and technologically since its creation.  We will look at the various phases of film production and the myriad of jobs in the industry.  This exploration also includes an examination of genre, documentary, experimental film, and animated film. 


    Ethics and Politics

    Many, if not most, films have at their center some ethical issue or dilemma.  Students will learn to identify, characterize and write clearly about filmic expressions of these dilemmas.  We will apply ideas from various moral philosophers throughout the year to gain a deeper understanding of both film and ethics.  Additionally, students will learn to be critical viewers of film particularly in images of race, gender, and sexuality.  Students will explore and reflect on ways in which culture influences film, and conversely how film shapes American culture. 


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