• Sentinel High School Basketball

    Go Spartans!


    Sentinel Girls Basketball Program Philosophy:

    The ultimate goal of our basketball program is to have the type of program the entire student body and community can be proud of, both on and off the court. We expect to build our program with athletes who exhibit good character, self-esteem, self-discipline, and academic achievement. We will teach good work habits, leadership skills, teamwork, and commitment, and strive to reach our highest potential.


    To Be A Champion:

    To be a champion, you need to act like a champion. You need to prepare like a champion. You need to practice like a champion. We expect our players to work like a “champion” in the classroom, in the weight room, on the basketball court, and in our community. All players are expected to demonstrate leadership and dedication to each other, the program, and our school. As players, it is your responsibility to model COURAGE, COMMITMENT, LOYALTY, TRUST, and ENCOURAGEMENT to your teammates. EVERYONE MUST WORK TOGETHER!



    COACHING PHILOSOPHY: To create an atmosphere of pride and to teach each player the importance of a positive attitude, confidence, character, knowledge, goal setting, and how these factors apply to life, the classroom, and to athletics.



    I. The basketball staff will coach their respective teams with these goals in mind: 

    1. To provide a meaningful and learning experience for all participants. We want all participants to be a better person for having taken part in our basketball program. 
    2. To ensure all participants learn to be leaders, successful students, and positive role models in the community.
    3. Fundamentals will be stressed throughout the program. We want you, our players, to be successful in learning how to dribble, shoot, pass and work as a team. Players need to show improvement each day and season. Practicing proper fundamentals is important to a successful program.
    4. Defensively, we will play hard and switch from player to player to different zones depending on the teams we are playing. Players will to be taught the proper alignment and where to be when each defense is called.
    5. Offensively, we will run a variety of plays that will work with strengths of our players.

    II. Playing Time

    1. All players will have the opportunity to compete for playing time. As we establish roles for each player, some players may not get a lot of playing time at first. Players will need to earn their playing time based on practice performance, classroom behaviors, academic success, and fundamental skill development.

    III. Team Rules

    1. Consumption of tobacco (smoking/chewing tobacco), drugs, or alcohol will not be tolerated. Players will be judged according to school policy (code of conduct). Stay away from situations in which illegal activity is taking place (smoking, drinking, and drug use).
    2.  All players are expected to be on time for all meetings and practices.  If you are going to miss practice due to illness or a doctor’s appointment, please let Coach Deden know as soon as possible. Remember if you miss a class period or skip a class period that is not a doctor’s appointment or other excused reasons you will not be able to practice/play that day.
    3.  If you need to miss practice to make-up school work, this will be excused. However you must contact Coach Deden as soon as possible.
    4.  NO HAZING, PERIOD! We expect all our players to respect each other. Hazing will not be tolerated at any level, and will result in the maximum punishment by the school administration and coaching staff.
    5.  The use of profanity will not be tolerated in school, the locker room, at practice, or at games.
    6.  Earrings or any type of jewelry will not be worn during practice or games.
    7.  Eat balanced meals and get plenty of sleep.
    8.  Take care of yourself- mentally, morally, and physically.
    9.  Stay away from other physical activities that could jeopardize your ability to participate on our team.
    10.  All players are expected to wear the appropriate basketball equipment and attire for practices, games, and team functions.
    11.  Appropriate practice attire, this includes practice jersey and shorts


     IV. Traveling Tips and Dress:

    1.  While traveling, we want to impress everyone with whom we come into contact with. Players will be expected to conduct themselves in the appropriate manner. All team members will wear the proper attire on our road games. You are responsible for any trash, or belongings you bring on the bus.

     V. Classroom Conduct, Behavior and Grades: 

    1. Each member of our team is important to our team success. Be loyal to your team, school and community. Focus on being positive. All players are expected to be a positive role model in the classroom, school and community.

    Classroom behavior, study habits, and performance are a major focus of our team. All players will be held accountable for their grades and behaviors.  Remember, you represent the SENTINEL SPARTAN BASKETBALLTEAM wherever you go, both on and off the court.