• Ryan Schmitz
    Ryan Schmitz is a Junior at Sentinel High School and has already created award winning videos.  Ryan started his own media production company as a Sophomore at Sentinel High School in 2011, which is slowly progressing.  He is always working on several videos, and always has a production in progress.  He plans to use these skills in his career.   
  • Award Winning Videos
    by Ryan Schmitz 
    Black OutBlack Out
    A young man wakes up in the middle of a forest, dazed and confused. He is unsure of what is happening and decides to look around. What he finds disturbs him.
    1st Place Winner of the Garden City High School Film Festival ~ 2012 
     This story centers around a small-town teen, named Josh, trying to recollect his past memories of a fallen friend. Josh fears that the man who killed his best friend is targeting him as his next victim. In the initial scenes, suspense immediately pours into the story, and the teen's fears begin to rise. It seems like every corner Josh turns, someone is watching him.
    Winner of "Student Short Film Festival."  Best of Festival for Outstanding use of Film Technique to Forward Story. 
    Prank CallPrank Call
    A teen accidentally swaps phones with someone he ran into. Unaware of the danger to come, he decides to play along with the "prank".  this video was created for a contest, along with "Blackout".