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    Nate Anderson
    Nate Anderson was a Senior at Sentinel in 2014. He has interest's in Business Marketing, Graphic/Web Design, and Software Applications. This is Nate's fourth year working for the business department. While not working on any projects, Nate enjoys reading/testing the latest technology, playing tennis, and hanging out with friends and family. Nate is attend the University of Montana, majoring in Management Information Systems with a minor in Media Arts. Nate also plans on getting a master's degree in Business Administration. After college, he would like to go and work at any tech firm in Silicon Valley, Seattle, or Denver. 
    Nate was a founding member of the Sentinel Design Studio and was in charge of administering the Sentinel Design Lab, delegating design projects and overall coordination. 
     ACA InDesign  ACA Illustrator
     ACA Photoshop  ACA Dreamweaver


     Katie Pierce
     Katie Pierce was a Senior at Sentinel in 2014.  Her senior year was her second year on the Design team and her first year on the board.  Katie is attending Montana State University and majoring in Graphic Design.  In her spare time, Katie loves to do other art projects like painting and photography.  
    Katie was in charge of Sentinel Design Studio Graphic Design activities. 
     ACA Illustrator

    Ryan Schmitz
    Ryan Schmitz was a Senior in 2014, who has been interested in video for many years.  He's been making videos for over 8 years, and doesn't plan to stop.  He hopes to have a successful career in the film field some day, but plans to attend college prior to that.  Ryan collaborates with a group and creates videos for different occasions, some for just entertainment purposes. Ryan currently attends the Unviersity of Montana and works at KECI TV station. 
    Ryan was in charge of Sentinel Design Studio Video Production activities. 
    ACA Premiere Pro  
    Makayla Crist graduted Sentinel High School in 2015. Makayla was part of the Design Studio team for two and a half years.  Makayla is interested in photography and creating videos in Premiere Pro. In her spare time, Makayla runs her own photography business.  She hopes to attend school at Montana State University, and attend the Summer Intensive and Professional Intensive progams for Rocky Mountain School of Photography.
    Makayla was lead Photographer.

     Sam Person is a senior in the Sentinel Design Studio. He has been involved in the Design Studio ever since he was a freshman
    Sam Person graduated Sentinel High School in 2016. He has been involved in the Design Studio ever since he was a freshman. He specializes in graphic design and illustration, and is an Adobe Certified Associate in all of the Adobe Certified Associate programs of Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Flash and Photoshop. In his spare time, Sam enjoys reading, playing piano, learning about the latest tech, and some light coding.
    Sam was lead Web Designer.
    Adobe Illustrator  Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign  Adobe Premiere Pro  Adobe Dreamweaver

    Adobe Flash


     Claire Spain is a Senior at Sentinel. She has been involved in graphic arts since her Freshman year. She has an Adobe Associ

    Claire Spain graduated Sentinel High School in 2017. She has been involved in graphic arts since her Freshman year. She has an Adobe Associates in Photoshop and is also interested in Animation and 3D modeling using Maya, Blender and Mudbox. Claire also enjoys drawing traditionally and digitally. She'll be going to Basic Training for the Air Force after graduation.Claire Spain
    Claire is a Graphic Designer

    Miya Fordah Miya Fordah graduated from Sentinel High School in 2018. She earned several certificates while working with the Sentinel Design Studio. She went on to study at the University of Montana focusing on a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts & Technologies.

    Adobe Photoshop Badge