• Biology Student Supplies

    Writing Utensils - Pens or Pencils (I do not supply these)

    Note Book Paper- Lined or other depending your student preference

    Science Folder or 3 ring Binder - Student Preference



    Book Cover- Paper or cloth- student preference

    1 roll of paper towel or 1 box of kleenex - Manditory lab supply item

    Optional Items:  Colored Pencils, Scissors, Glue Sticks, chromebook/ laptop computer, lead for mechanical pencils, small stapler, tape

    Anatomy Student Supplies

    Writing Utensils - Pens or Pencils (student preference)

    Book Cover - Cloth or paper

    Anatomy Folder or 3 ring binder

    Notebook Paper- Lined or other

    Colored Pencils

    Small Pencil Sharpener



    1 box of Kleenex or 1 roll of paper Towel - Manditory lab supplies

    Optional Items:  Dissecting Gloves, Hand Sanitizer or hand wipes, Mechanical Pencil Lead, Tape, Scissors, Chromebook/Laptop Computer, small stapler

Last Modified on August 7, 2023