Golf Information

  • 2020 Season information - updated Tuesday, August 4th

    As of Tuesday, August 4th we will start the golf season on Thursday, August 13th with a meeting at Sentinel High School. More to come on time and place.

    Parents expect an email from Athletic Director Brian Fortmann inviting you to a virtual Fall Sports Parent Meeting.

    All players must have the proper paperwork on file with the school.  There is a link on the Sentinel Athletics page.  Players that do not have all paperwork completed will not be allowed to particpate.

    Please email me names of players so I can formulate a list for a virtual golf meeting.

    email -

    High school golf is a competitive sport that has a limit on how many team members can participate.  A full team is 12 boys and 12 girls if we are allowed to play a JV season.  If there is no JV season a full team is considered 7 boys and 7 girls.  Players are required to have their own set of clubs and transport themselves to and from practice during the week.  A typical week of practice would be Monday at Larchmont from 330 to 530, Tuesday at the Missoula Country Club from 330 to 530 and Wednesday at Canyon River from 4 to 6 with Thursday and Friday being a varsity golf tournament (although the tournament days of the week can vary) and we do not run practice those days.  Golf attire must be worn to practice, that means a collared shirt and appropriate length shorts and/or skirts (no jeans).