Lettering Requirements

  • Varsity

    All of the Varsity team will letter including the alternates that run at the State meet.

    If a Varsity runner can make the All-State team (top 15) at the State meet then that runner will receive a letter.

    If the Varsity runner can achieve a certain time (17:00 or lower boys and 20:00 or lower girls) designated by the coach on a 5k course then that runner will receive a letter.

    If a Varsity runner competes at the state meet or makes the state team as an alternates, that person will letter.  

    If the Varsity runner can show documentation of a summer work-out program and makes all the practices while staying on the Varsity team for the whole season then that runner will letter or just be on varsity the whole season.

    The Varsity runner will remain on the team for the whole season in order to qualify for the above mentioned letter requirements, if the runner quits during the season then that runner will not receive a letter.  The Varsity runner must also be in good standing academically, follow all rules of the school that pertain to code of conduct and team expectations to receive a letter.  Coaches can make a final decision pertaining to lettering and participation certifictes.  

    Frosh/Soph/ Junior Varsity

    If a runner is on the team for all four years and does not make Varsity or the above mentioned requirements then that runner will letter.  All seniors will letter in cross country if they meet all requirements of the team.

    If the runner can achieve the designated time of 17:00 (B) or 20:00 (G) or lower the runner will receive a letter.

    If the runner cannot meet the qualifications for lettering then the runner will receive participation certificate.

    All runners will maintain the proper GPA in the classroom and follow school guidelines as to grades and code of conduct.

    All runners will attend all practices and meets as approved by Coach Hammett in order to recieve the above mentioned awards.  

    No runner can quit during the season and expect to receive a letter or any other awards. They must complete the season.  The runner must also be in good standing academically and follow all rules of the school and team to receive a letter or participation certificate. 

    Cross Cross Country Expectations 

    Please have completed physical, fill out Dragonfly and pay all fees (participation, activity and white fees) before practice begins

    Follow the school’s code of conduct. No smoking, drinking, or drugs. If you feel you have to do these things, you do not belong on our team. This is a great opportunity to be in the best shape of your life!

    Please let me know ahead of time if you must miss practice for valid reasons. I must hear from you or your parent if you will not make practice. Otherwise, it will be unexcused. Please limit these excuses to important things and not just matters of convenience. An unexcused absence from practice means you miss the next meet. When we have limited transportation space, those who miss practice during the week (both excused and unexcused) may not be able to travel.

    Practice every day is from 4:15 to 6:00 except on days of a meet. Practice may end earlier depending on workouts.  We will also practice on Saturdays at 9:00 AM if we do not have a meet.  

    Eat well and hydrate frequently. Bring a water bottle to school and drink water during the day. Take a multi-vitamin with iron daily.

    School work comes first. Please make arrangements ahead of time with your teacher for any time you will miss. Please get a pre-arranged absence slip from me and have your teachers sign it at least a day before a meet. You are responsible for having your homework completed when you return to school the next day. You must attend school the day of the meet. If you are too sick to come to school you are too sick to travel and compete.

    Be prepared for any kind of weather, especially on out of town trips. Some suggestions for cold or rainy days: Bring plenty of warm clothes; hat, mittens, coat, umbrella, sleeping bag, your uniform, two pairs of shoes and socks, water, food, and money.

    When you travel, you must ride the bus unless you have made arrangements with Mr. Oliver or Mr Fortman previously. Bring money or food for trips. We will stop after the meet for a quick meal. Please help pick up any trash or belongings that are left in our area at a meet or on the bus. Please be courteous and quiet on the bus and toward the bus driver. Please help carry water and the medicine kit off and on the bus.  Due to Covid 19 we will not stop for food, so bring enough for after the meet.

    Thank your parents for supporting you. Do something nice for them without being asked.

    Be proud of your team and your school. Remember to do your best at every practice and at every meet. Have a positive outlook and be thankful for your athletic ability! Encourage each other for you are a TEAM! After a race or practice, tell your teammates and your opponents “Good Job” or “Nice race”.

    Please be careful on what you post on Social media.  BE POSITIVE if you post anything!!!!!!

    Thanks for giving this sport your best. Remember, go the extra mile, go the distance, have fun, improve, and the rewards will be great.