• Tim Nielson


    Sentinel High School



    Class Rules:


    The Golden Rule—treat others as you would want to be treated.

    More equals more (less does not equal more).

     School rules (see Sentinel Student Handbook)






    Grades are not measures of artistic talent. Grades are intended to be objective measurements of project completion. Each art project is designed to have requirements that can be measured easily and objectively.


    Only finished projects are graded.


    A  90-100% 

    B   80-89%

    C  70-79% 

    D  60-69% 

    F   59% and below


    Work with an unsatisfactory grade can be finished or re-done and turned in for re-grading.


    Late Work:


    At the latest, all projects are due on the last day of each quarter. This is to accommodate the art students who are especially ambitious,and to guarantee that there is enough time to complete all assignments regardless (almost) of circumstances.   


    However, work will be asked for at the end of each project, and should be turned in as close to the end of the project as possible. 


    Work not finished in class (and there will be some) is considered homework.


    Objections to Class Content:


    The history of art is full of vulgarity, nudity, ideas, politics, sex, and religion. While this class is primarily concerned with making art, the making of art is necessarily intertwined with this history, and also with personal expression. If circumstances arise where a student feels her or his ability to make art in class is compromised by the content being presented, the student (or parent/guardian) should make the difficulty known to me, Tim Nielson, and accommodations will be discussed.




    During art class students will work on art assignments only, and for the entire classtime. Electronic communications, video, and games are prohibited during class unless specific permission is requested and granted before such use.
Last Modified on August 28, 2023