Mining City Duals- Butte- Varsity

  • Mining City Duals Itinerary- Butte Civic Center

    Thursday 12/9

    We will be weighing in for Friday after practice on Thursday at approx. 6 PM. This weigh in is scratch weight. Meaning if you are the 120 pounder, you must weigh 120 or under at the official weigh in. 

     Friday 12/10

     7:00- Practice

     7:45a.m. Dress out and Shower

     8:00a.m. Depart from Sentinel

     12:00a.m. Dual vs. Helena High

     3:00p.m. Dual vs. Butte 2

     5:00.m. Dual vs. Great Falls

     6:30 p.m. Return to motel (info a the bottom)

     7:00p.m. Team meeting

     9:30 p.m. Lights out


    Saturday 12/11

     7:00 AM weigh ins. (+ 2) (120=122)

     Wrestling will continue all day, wrestling times will be determined by the results of the previous day’s matches.

     We will return to Sentinel after our conclusion on Saturday. 

    I expect your behavior to be excellent. Horse play and inappropriateness will not be tolerated.

     We will be providing a cooler with nutritious food for you to snack on throughout the day. Bring any other food you will want for the weekend.


    Motel Info

    2777 Harrison Ave, Butte, MT 59701

    Phone: (406) 494-8850