Board Purpose


    The purpose of the Industrial Technical Advisory Board is to assist MCPS in establishing and maintaining up-to-date educational programs. Changes in technology, business, industry, and government have increased the need for effective communication between education and industry. An advisory board of interested, competent, and concerned citizens is the most productive and effective method for involving the community in education.  It is a vital link between industry and MCPS.


    Introduction of new members and election of officers will be part of the agenda for the first meeting of each academic year.  It is important to establish the date, time, and place of meetings early so members can mark their schedules.  Although the number of meetings to be held each year is dependent on the specific situation and need, at least two meeting are required.


    Meetings will be conducted with a planned, published agenda. The responsibility for the development of the agenda lies with the chairperson of the committee and the department chair of the program.  The agenda should be sent to each member with the meeting notification and any materials necessary for the meeting.  This gives members the opportunity to come to the meeting prepared to take an active part in the discussion. While the department chairs, instructors, and other MCPS personnel may actively participate in the meeting, best results are achieved when committee members are actively involved.  Minutes of all meeting must be maintained and copies sent to the appropriate members, and the MCPS District Office.


    The District Automotive Board Members are expected too:  

    • Become knowledgeable of MCPS and specifically of the program with which affiliated 
    • Attend meetings regularly, participate in advisory board discussions, and serve on subcommittees when  requested 
    • Study carefully any problems that come before the advisory board 
    • Keep the MCPS administration informed of new developments in business and industry 
    • Participate in an annual review of the program 
    • Identify business partners to support the program 


    The number of members for most advisory boards is 10 to 15, but size may vary depending up on the nature of the program.  To have broad representation, only one member per company should serve on the advisory board at any time.  It is recommended that no more than two graduates of the program serve at any one time.  Representatives from new industries moving into the area should be appointed to appropriate advisory boards at the earliest opportunity.  Fulltime faculty serves as exofficio, nonvoting members of an advisory board.  Former members may be identified as honorary emeritus nonvoting members of advisory board.


    Members are appointed for two years. Provisions are made for staggering replacements, so that there will always be experienced members serving on the District Automotive Advisory Board.  Although boards should not be self-perpetuating, members may be re-appointed for additional two-year terms.  The appropriate MCPS District Official may approve exceptions to this practice.


    This duty has been assigned to one of the CTE Department Heads.  The advisory board coordinator or appointed representative is responsible for maintaining an accurate database of all committees. handbook updates and distribution for the two advisory meetings, board member term expire and appointment letters, and maintenance of the master file for all minutes and year end reports.  Any board restructuring and changes in membership should be sent the advisory board coordinator:

    2013/2021 Coordinator  

    Name: Dave Burtch

    Email address: 

    Phone: 406-728-2400 (7529)   Cell  240-1603


    The department chair or a faculty member will serve as secretary.  The secretary will perform the usual functions of announcing meetings, communicating information, recording and mailing copies of the minutes to all board members.  The secretary, or department chair, division chair, and Superintendent will keep minutes of each formal meeting on file.

    Copies may be sent to the Advisory Board Coordinator with the End-of-Year Report to be placed in the Master File.

    MCPS District Auto Advisory Committee