Committee Information

  • The purpose of Advisory Committees is to assist school administrators and instructors in offering quality, relevant occupational education programs.

    A program advisory committee consists of members, not including ex officio members, who are employed or who have experience in occupations served by a program. Ex officio members include the business partners, program teachers, students, and District administrators.

    Members named to a program advisory committee shall reflect the composition of the communities served by the program. Factors to be considered in the selection of nominees shall include, but not be limited to, geographical distribution in the program service area, representation from various age groups, levels of education, program graduates, minority groups, and gender.

    A program advisory committee shall focus on the following issues to assure program quality and relevance to current occupational standards and practice.

    • Training needs and placement opportunities for the program assigned
    • Curriculum, instruction, and minimum standards
    • Regulations and safety in program related occupations
    • Facility, equipment and supply standards
    • Related academic and occupational information required
    • Community based training, production, and projects used in instruction
    • Publicity and public relations
    • Student and faculty recruiting standards
    • Counseling, guidance, and placement of students
    • Community resource assistance
    • Professional development opportunities for program teachers