• Welcome, I teach Food and Nutrition and Child and Adolescent Development. I also run the Family Resource Center, where we provide extra food, clothing, and other resources for students in need. This year more information about our classes will be available through Google Classroom, where students can log into their Google accounts to access. This is my 8th year teaching in total, I am also a counselor and my philosophy of education is to inspire and help students to critically think about learning objectives, through creative lessons that support twenty-first century learning. I love to cook and my family and I spend as much time outdoors as possible, riding horses, hiking, and enjoying Montana! The best way to contact me is by phone or email: 

    (406) 728-2400 ext. 7507 or mhmanning@mcpsmt.org 


    Semester 1                           ___________                    Semester 2

    Period 5 - Food and Nutrition 1                                Food and Nutrition 2 

    Period 6 -  Child and Adolescent Development       Child and Adolescent Development 

    Period 7 - Food and Nutrition 1__________                  Food and Nutrition 2 



    FACS Teacher