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  • The Sentinel Design Studio is a student run organization that serves the MCPS and Missoula community with print, web and video services. The purpose of this group is dual faceted: to offer real-world, hands on training for Sentinel's best and brightest in design, as well as offer their talents and skills to the community. 
    Through the Sentinel Business Department, the SDS has been involved with school and community events alike.  From posters for state-wide events, to web design for local nonprofits, and members of the SDS are receiving the sort of experience and training vitally needed in the rapidly expanding design market.
    These handpicked, highly skilled students are dedicated to their fields, and are constantly pushing their own boundaries in independent study situations. This program is a unique example of 21st century education at its best; an environment where students work with instructors to build their own education and become productive members of their community.
    We require that our design associates not only have an extensive background in computers, but also require enrollment in Graphic Design 1. This ensures the highest level of skill and quality in our associates.  If you are a Sentinel student that meets these requirements, we encourage you to apply to be a Design Associate with the Sentinel Design Studio.

  • Student Board
    Sam Person is a senior in the Sentinel Design Studio. He has been involved in the Design Studio ever since he was a freshman. He specializes in graphic design and illustration, and is an Adobe Certified Associate in all of the Adobe Certified Associate programs of Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Flash and Photoshop. In his spare time, Sam enjoys reading, playing piano, learning about the latest tech, and some light coding.
    Sam is lead Web Designer. 
    Adobe Illustrator
     Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe InDesign
     Adobe Premiere Pro  Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash  
    Miya Fordah
    Miya Fordah  is a Junior at Sentinel. She joined Sentinel Design Studio this year and has been working in graphic design since middle school. Along with various Adobe programs, Miya is also interested in 3D design and animation and has studied Autodesk Maya and Blender. She hopes to go to school for media arts after graduation.
    Miya is lead Graphic Designer. 
    Adobe Illustrator  
     Adobe Photoshop

    Tegan Schaper

    Tegan Schaper
    is a sophomore at Sentinel high school. She chose to join Design Studio this year because of her love of art and design and the great experience this class provides for young designers who are looking to move on in the working world as a designer. She has a wide range of art skills roaming from pen and pencil, water color and acrylic to the Graphic arts. She is certified in Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop and has been working in the Graphic arts since her freshman year. She is looking to pursue a career in the art field and hopes the Design Studio can be the base she can build on.
    Tegan is a Graphic Designer
     Adobe Illustrator  Adobe Photoshop  Adobe InDesign
    Claire Spain  
     Claire Spain is a Senior at Sentinel. She has been involved in graphic arts since her Freshman year. She has an Adobe Associates in Photoshop and is also interested in Animation and 3D modeling using Maya, Blender and Mudbox. Claire also enjoys drawing traditionally and digitally. She'll be going to Basic Training for the Air Force after graduation.
    Claire is a Graphic Designer
    Claire Spain
  • Contact Information:  Ms. Schultz, Business & Technology Department Chair
    cschultz@mcpsmt.org, 728-2400, ext. 7093