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Structured Learning Program

The Structured Learning Program is a district wide program that serves all 3 public high schools in Missoula.  We started in 1980 as the Experiential Learning Program and added mental health services in 1992 through Western Montana Mental Health.  We serve students who qualify for special education who have an emotional or behavioral need that prevents them from being successful in the mainstream setting.
We currently have 3 full-time teachers, 2 full-time paraeducators and 2 half-time paraeducators.  We offer 15 different sections of replacement classes for students grade 9-12.  Some students are with us all seven periods and others only have 1 class with us.  We work with students and their parents, guardians, support staff and outside agencies to provide the best possible educational placement as possible.
Heather Nile
Michael Cloud
Aaron Fessler