A "red dot" book is one that has a quiz in Accelrated Reader.  

    In our library these books are itentified with a little red dot on the spine label.  Please note that we have changed programs and we are working to update your red dot stickers on books.  It is a good idea to double check that there is a quiz available. Outside of our library, you will have to check.  

    Check to see if a book has a quiz.

    You must spell titles and authors correctly.  


    How to take the Red Dot Test: 

    Tests are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by clicking the following:

    1. Check in with either your English teacher, or a Sentinel Librarian for observation.
    2. Sentinel Webpage
    3. Web Connect - Student column
    4. Star 360
    5. User name:  same username and password for logging onto computers  
    6. Choose Accelerated Reader
    7. Search for and take your test!
    8. View Tops Report
    9. Print and show librarians to recieve an authenticity stamp.  
    10. Turn into English Teacher.