Graduation Requirements

  • You will need to earn 24 credits to graduate. Generally, year long classes are worth 1 credit, and semester long classes are worth a half credit. So, if you are taking 8 classes both semesters this year, and you pass all of them, you will end the year with 8 credits.

    You have lots of choices, but your credits need to include specific classes and credit types. If you are in the Health Science Academy, your requirements are different! Also, if you are considering college, please note that their are additional specifications you should note (add 1 year of Global Studies and 2 years of a Foreign Language).
    Here is the breakdown:
    • 4 credits of English
    • 3 credits of Math
    • 2.5 credits of social studies (includes one year of American History, one year of US Government, and one semester of a social studies class of your choice: Native American Studies, Geography, Psychology, etc.)
    • 2 credits of Science (includes one year of earth & space science and one year of biological science).
    • 2 credits of Health Enhancement
    • 1 credit of Fine Arts (music, drama or visual arts)
    • 1 credit of Career and Technical Education.
    • 9.5 credits of elective classes of your choice!