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  • Google Classroom Class Codes 2019-2020

    English 2 | Period 2: sqtcmri

    English 1 | Period 3: 8hl4t2

    English 1 | Period 4: qd7rdn

    AP Research | Period 5: rwwxvw

    English 1 | Period 7: g1pv9e


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  • Logging in

    Must be logged into student google account to access Google Classroom

    Student Gmail: Graduation year + first three letters of last name + first three letters of first name@student.mcpsmt.org

    Example: Mary Little, graduating in 2020, would be: 20litmar@student.mcpsmt.org

    I suggest copying and pasting the codes!


    About Classroom

    ⬛️Class announcements, weekly plan, and all assignments can be found on Google Classroom for the 2019-2020 school year

    ⬛️Students will all be enrolled in Classroom in the first week of school, but feel free to add the class earlier!

    ⬛️Guardians, you can learn about Classroom from your students, or I can add you as a Guardian to Classroom so that you can view assignments! Email me for an invite!