Period 1--  7:50-8:30      WIN
    Period 2--  8:33-9:19      Exploratory
    Period 3--  9:22-10:08    Exploratory
    Period 4--  10:11-10:53  SS
    Period 5--  10:55-11:38  SS
    Period 6--  11:41-12:26  LUNCH
    Period 7--  12:29-1:12    SS
    Period 8--  1:15-1:58      SS
    Period 9--  2:01-2:45      ELA
    Period 1--  7:50-8:20        WIN
    Period 2--  8:23-9:03        Exploratory
    Period 3--  9:06-9:45        Exploratory
    Period 4--  9:48-10:28      SS
    Period 5--   10:31-11:11   SS
    Period 6--  11:11-11:54    LUNCH
    Period 7--  11:57-12:36    SS
    Period 8--  12:39-1:18      SS
    Period 9--  1:21-2:00        ELA
    7th grade Social Studies & ELA
    Mrs. Grey-Gillhouse

    Welcome to my website! This is where you will find information on Social Studies and ELA classwork and homework. Please use this as a communication and organizational tool by clicking the tabs on left. Don't forget to also read through our team page for information on team policies and class schedules. Please don't hesitate to call or email to communicate with me. 

    I have a BS in Elementary Education and an MA in Educational Technology. This will be my 24th year of teaching middle school. My husband Jim is the Chief Operating Officer at Community Hospital and we have two sons, Grey (16) and Zane (14). We have a little black morkiepoo named Ozzie who is full of energy!!

    In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, exercising, paddle boarding, watching any basketball, cheering for the Seahawks, reading, and listening to MUSIC. I look forward to meeting all my students and their families this year:)