Remote Learning
  • We will be using Google Classrooms. Your child will sign in to our google classroom at school. If they are having trouble accessing it at home please email me at 

    Welcome to Hybrid Learning this year. During regular weeks students will have 2 days of in classroom learning and 3 days of remote learning. The lesson plans on the google classrooms are meant to give you some flexibility in learning as we are all balancing family and work schedules. Lessons should not cause extra stress and frustration at home-- studens should be able to do work on their own with minimal intervention.  If this is not the case, please let us know so we can adjust accordingly.

    • Parents/Guardians:  We are here to support you as you work to implement a learning-at-home plan. Please do what you need to do in the best interests of your family.  If you make any significant adjustments to the provided lesson plans, please let us know so we can work to improve this experience for all of us.  
    • Students: Get on Google Classroom everyday of remote learning so we can stay connected. Please be flexible as your parents/guardians do their best to help you at home.  If you are worried about your academic experience during this time, please email me so I can help you problem solve. 


    Lesson Plans - Please refer to lessons on my Google Classroom page. If you are unable to get to my Google Classroom page, please email me!  

    • Patton Homeroom A-K Science Period 1 - 5s6tvgj
    • Patton Homeroom L-Z Science Period 1 - niyl6md
    • Patton Homeroom A-K Math Period 7 - d7x2gtf
    • Patton Homerrom L-Z Math Period 7 - yqlnubx
    • Varley Homerrom A-K Science Period 2 - 7a2j2gw
    • Varley Homeroom L-Z Science Period 2 - ann6bmv
    • Varley Homeroom A-K Math Period 6 - il63q2s
    • Varley Homeroom L-Z Math Period 6 - ya6b4rc
    • Stack Homeroom A-K Science Period 3 - 7zf676e
    • Stack Homeroom L-Z Science Period 3 - f2pur3w

    Communication is important - Mrs. Varley, Mr. Stack, and I will be sending weekly email updates to Parents/Guardians.  Students, please check Google Classroom regularly (daily would be ideal) for more frequent updates. Please get in touch with me if you have questions or need more support.

    We are all in this together!

    -Mrs. Patton


    Hybrid Schedule Model

     First Day of School, August 26th Schedule- 6th Grade ONLY

    • Last Names A-K 8:00am - 10:55am
    • Last Names L-Z  10:45am - 2:05pm

    Starting August 27th Middle School will be held 8:00 am -1:30 pm.