Project Lead The Way Information

  • Washington Middle School offers six Project Lead the Way courses. These include Computer Science for Innovators and Makers (6th), Design and Modeling (7th), Medical Detectives (7th), Automation & Robotics (8th), Green Architecture (8th) and App Creators (8th).

    From the PLTW website

    PLTW Gateway (6-8) opens paths that create meaningful futures. It connects students to careers in areas they can, and can't, imagine and that are in high demand.

    Through connections to careers and real-world problems, students imagine, discover, and practice the range of paths and possibilities they can look forward to in high school and beyond. Students begin to lead their own learning and explore computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, boosting classroom engagement and excitement, supporting teamwork, and inspiring deep comprehension. And by challenging themselves to rework and refine their projects, students learn that failure and persistence are keys to learning and innovation.

    To access the unit outlines for courses offered at Washington Middle School, please click here.

    If you have any questions about the course that we offer, please contact the following teachers:

    Aneska Elam,

    7th Grade PLTW Design & Modeling

    8th Grade PLTW Robotics and Automation

    8th Grade Green Architecture

    Stephanie Fisher,

    6th Grade Computer Science for Innovators and Makers

    7th Grade Medical Detectives

    8th Grade App Creators