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    Hello, students and parents!  My name is Brad Herron, and I am the social studies/language arts/PE teacher on the Lynch-Herron 6th grade team.  I joined the WMS staff in Fall 2010, but I am not a stranger to WMS or middle school education.  My first full-time teaching position was in a middle school in Ft. Worth, Texas, where I primarily taught language arts.  After six years, I moved to Missoula for my wife's job at the University.  I stayed home with my two sons for a number of years.  Many years ago, I worked at WMS twice as a long-term substitute during a teacher's maternity leave.  I added an elementary teaching certification and Masters in Education, during which time I completed my student teaching at Washington....in the very room I now teach!  After teaching freshman English at Big Sky High School for three years, I joined WMS nine years ago.  I love teaching middle school kids and look forward to a great year of learning and growing.
     Mr. Herron and Family at the Colosseum
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