• Welcome to Patton & Kuchel Team Page!  

    We are looking forward to a great year of building our sixth grade community! Students will meet new friends, have more responsibilities this year, and engage in new learning experiences! Please contact us with any concerns or questions that may arise. Let’s have a great year!

    Contact Information


    • Jeremy Kuchel- English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Health  
    • Email: jkuchel@mcps.k12.mt.us 
    • Phone: (406) 728-2400, ext. TBA

    Daily Schedule:
    • Period 1:     8:15-9:01
    • Period 2:     9:04-9:49   
    • Period 3:     9:52-10:37  
    • Period 4:     10:40-11:25 (Recess 10:40, Lunch 11:25)
    • Period 5:     11:28-12:13 (exploratories)
      Period 6      12:15-1:00 (exploratories)
    • Period 7:     1:04-1:49 WIN
    • Period 8:     1:52-2:37 
    • Period 9:     2:40-3:25 

    Thursday Early Out Schedule:

    • Period 1:     8:15-8:54
    • Period 2:     8:57-9:35    
    • Period 3:     9:38-10:16 
    • Period 4:     10:19-10:57 (exploratories)
    • Period 5:     11:00-11:39 (Recess 11:00, Lunch 11:19)
    • Period 6:     11:42-12:21 (exploratories)
    • Period 7:     12:24-1:03 WIN
    • Period 8:     1:06-1:44  
    • Period 9:     1:49-2:25

    Team Grading Scale:

    • A=90-100
    • B=80-89
    • C=70-79
    • D=60-69
    • F=59 and below

    Team Expectations:

    • Students will be on time and prepared for each class
    • Students will be respectful and active learners
    • Students will have a positive attitude

      Students at Washington Middle School will be respectful, responsible and safe

    Work Completion/ Academic Recovery Time:

    One of our goals as a team is to develop quality work habits including time management and responsibility.  Students will be given an agenda to bring and fill out to each class.  Students will receives marks if he/she is tardy, neglects to complete homework, or is disrespectful and/or defiant.  Upon receiving five marks for incomplete homework, a student will be assigned to a 30 minute academic recovery after school M-W.  Upon receiving five marks for disrespect and/or defiance, the student will receive a 30 minute after school detention.  After 10 marks in either area, a parent meeting will be scheduled along with a consequence. Students will receive positive marks and feedback in the agenda as well. After five positive marks, students will earn a prize.  Please take time to look over this page in the back of the agenda. 

    Absences and Makeup Work:

    Students are responsible to make up any and all missed work due to absences. Please fill out a an office prearranged absence slip for planned absences (two or more days) and contact the office to inform them of the day(s) the student will be absent. 


    Click the team calendar link to view upcoming projects, tests and important information.  Our goal is not to assign multiple tests or projects on the same day if we can avoid it. Check out individual teacher calendars for classwork and assignments.