Google Classroom Remote Learning

  • Google Classroom Codes:


    Rotation #1 Aug. 27-Sept. 17

    1st period ELA- dtk7hut

    5th period ELA- pq7mzry


    Rotation #2 Sept. 18-Oct. 5

    7th period social studies- emuemu4


    Rotation #3 Oct. 6-Oct. 23

    8th period health and PE- trerihs

    Rotation #4 Oct. 26-Nov. 10
    4th period ELA- cotqjmj
    1st period ELA- dtk7hut
    Rotation #5 Nov. 11-Dec. 3
    5th period- pq7mzry
    Rotation #6 Dec. 4- Jan. 5
    7th period- emuemu4
    Rotation #7- Jan. 6- Jan. 22
    8th period- trerihs
    4th period- cotqjmj

    Please watch the attached video if you have questions regarding remote learning. Please feel free to email me questions at or visit me during my online office hours Tuesday-Thursday from 2:00-2:30. 

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