Grade 6 - Lynch/Herron Team

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    Teamed for Success


    Welcome to 6th grade at Washington Middle School and the 2019-20 school year.  We are excited your child is a member of our team and we look forward to supporting them in their growth.  To that end, there are expectations that need to be met to ensure success for us all.  These expectations focus on general behavior, classroom behavior, and homework policies.  The overriding concept that drives these expectations are Washington Middle School’s MBI program – all Washington Middle School students are expected to be responsible, respectful, and safe.

    Students are expected to:

    • Come to class prepared, with materials necessary to successfully and responsibly participate in classroom activities and explorations.
    • Act in a respectful manner toward fellow classmates and teachers, so as to cooperatively support the learning of all.
    • Follow the behavior and attendance policies and rules of Washington Middle School, ensuring that they and their classmates have the best environment to succeed.
    • Complete and turn in work on-time.  By doing so, students provide consistent and timely feedback on their own progress, allowing teachers to continue to develop a program that best suits each student.

    You can access our individual web pages along with a team webpage through the Missoula County Public Schools website.  We meet as a team during 6th period (12:15-1:00) if you need to schedule a meeting.


    Brad Herron

    Lori Ann Lynch