• Ms. Boucher Google Classroom Join Codes


    1st Period Math: dovirbb

    2nd Period Math: dhmu2gg

    3rd Period Math: oupw5cp

    8th period HPE: cli7hf4

    9th Period HPE: pcpnvvo


    WMS Mathcounts (2020/2021):  aujdfei

    If you are interested in MathCounts please join this classroom for announcements and meeting information.


    How To Do Remote Learning Successfully

    Do this every remote learning day.  

    • Log into your student Google account  
      1. Go to Google.com
      2. Click sign in found in the upper right corner
      3. Log in with your student account (25abcdef@student.mcpsmt.org)
        • abc- first 3 letters of last name
        • def-- first 3 letters of first name
    • Check your email (Gmail)
    • Check Google Classrooms for every class you are currently taking--view assignment under subject heading (each day)
    • Watch any introduction or instructional videos
    • Turn in any documents if required in Google Classroom 
    • Email klboucher@mcpsmt.org  with any questions or concerns after you have read all the instructions and watched the tutorial videos. Please do not wait until school days to ask us what to do for remote learning assignments.
    • Join Math Google Meets at 2:00 on your remote learning days to ask questions about math lessons and for any additional insight to the lesson learning targets.

    Remote learning work is graded just like work at school. Please pay attention to due dates and turn assignments in on time.