What is Curriculum?

  • Curriculum is the standards that we teach. It is the answer to the first question of our four questions within a Professional Learning Community - "What is it that we want our students to know and be able to do?"

    Curriculum is adopted by our MCPS Board of Trustees. Review of our curriculum occurs on a five to six year rotating cycle, per the office of Public Instruction. 

    What is Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum?

    Guaranteed curriculum is the opportunity to learn, for all students, despite the school, or the teacher responsible for delivering it. 

    Viable curriculum means that we have adequate time to learn the identified material. 

    For more information, view the following infographic from McREL International: 




What are Curriculum Standards?

  • Academic content standards are the general knowledge, skills, and dispositions that students are expected to acquire as a result of teaching and learning (DuFour, 2016). Standards articulate the guaranteed and viable curriculum of MCPS. To learn more about Curriculum Standards, please see Curriculum Standards Informational Webpage.