Indian Education for All Resource Hub

  • Welcome to the Missoula County Public School’s Indian Education for All (IEFA) Resource Hub. The site is intended to support students, teachers, and community by providing quality background information about the tribes of Montana and other tribes represented by our students attending Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS).  This website is a work in progress.
    The first phase was a separate page for each Montana tribe with tribal websites and tribal college websites (if available). This is complete.  If you click on a Montana tribe(s) or reservation below, you will be taken to a separate page with a tribal website and a tribal college website (if available). 

    The second phase was the addition of tribal  websites for every tribe represented by Native American students attending MCPS. This phase is complete. Look below on the left for the name of tribes represented by our Native American students, click on that tribe and you will be taken to a tribal website and tribal college website, if available.

    The third phase is other websites that our students, teachers, and community might find helpful in their search for tribal knowledge, the first of which is the Office of Public Instructions Indian Education website.

    Please come check this website again, as new resources may be added throughout the school year.

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